Medical Team (The Work Horses)

Dr Harpal Bains MBBS DFSRH PGCAestMed

Dr Bains has had a varied and interesting career in medicine, starting with surgery whilst in the NHS and then moving on to private medicine for the past 10 years. It all started with wanting to try something different. She was the company doctor with AKE limited, a hostile region training facility formed by former SAS elites. She trained journalists in medical survival in hostile regions. 

This led her to London where she worked as a surgeon for Marie Stopes International. During this time, she pursued her postgraduate diploma in Sexual and Reproductive medicine which eventually led to working in a male sexual dysfunction clinic in Harley street. Her work in sexual dysfunction led her to testosterone and eventually the whole spectrum of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and nutritional medicine. She trained in the USA with WorldLink Medical under Neal Rouzier, who is one of the foremost experts in the world in HRT. Alongside this, she has developed her own protocol incorporating her in-depth experience to create a thorough programme to address her patients' needs and well being.

Throughout this time, she also pursued her interest in aesthetic medicine. She worked independently and with Cosmedoctors doing mainly botox and fillers. She is trained in botox, fillers, peels, lasers, rejuvenation, microneedling, laser lipolysis, sclerotherapy and cosmeceuticals. She specialises in complete management of a client's aesthetic needs; and is confident about being able to take years off a client without resorting to surgery. She has also recently completed her postgraduate certificate in Aesthetic Medicine with Queen Mary, University of London. 

Interesting fact: she still counts in Mandarin – the language she was first taught mathematics for 6 years as a child, and has a black belt in Tae-kwon Do although her number one rule in emergency situations is RUN!


Tafadzwa, IV Physiologist, MSc BSc (Hons)

Taf graduated from the University of Chichester in the departments of Sports & Exercise Physiology and Training in Extreme Environments. He has worked at the highest end of elite sports; United States Air Force (Europe), Norwich City Football Club to name a few and for the NHS and Roodlane Medical for consultation, practice and research.
At Harpal skinCity, Taf's area of speciality is in micronutrient therapy. He creates powerful concoctions with vitamins, minerals and amino acids for IV drips and shots for 'feel good' and 'look good' treatments from the inside.

Interesting facts: Taf is a member of the London Scottish Pipe Band playing the drums and regularly takes part in the annual Lord Mayors Procession and the Beating Retreat (Horse Guards Parade).

The A-Team (Admin + Client Relations)

Mimi, Operations Maestro, MSc BA (Hons)

With a background in fashion journalism and broadcast media, Mimi has kept to her fashion roots with her bright red lips and on-trend fashion sense. More importantly, she has finally found her niche in being an organising supremo which she applies to client orders and prescriptions and the general running of the clinic; something she stumbled upon after constantly being called on to organise her friends' wardrobes. She's the lady who deals with all the paperwork and dips her toe in social media and web content from time-to-time.
Out of work (and occasionally at work) Mimi is an avid up-cycler and has even taken her love of up-cycling up a notch by attending woodworking classes. She also loves photography and showcasing her work on her instagram account. We at the clinic, hope to see some of her up-cycled pieces in the clinic and on our clinic instagram!

Interesting fact: After taking a DNA test, turns out Mimi has an interesting mix of South Asian and Native American ancestry which explains her love for chilli beans, tasseled clothing and a strong middle hair parting. 



Denieca, Front of House, BA (Hons)

Denieca or D for short, is the smiling face behind our front desk. With a degree in journalism and media culture she is the perfect fit for our front of house with her quirky conversation starters she will make you feel at ease. Denieca books appointments, answers queries and makes a delicious cup of tea, as well as helping with the general day to day tasks around the clinic. All year round she loves baking, attending the theatre, watching movies and spending time with her friends and family. 
During her commute into work, Denieca spends her time whipping up custom made knitted blankets, scarves and teddy bears.

Interesting facts: Denieca has an eclectic mix of English, Irish, Spanish, Dutch and Sri Lankan ancestry, skilled in 10 different styles of dance and recently became a gluten free nerd.

The B-Team (Beauty + Agony Aunts)

Viola, Skin Specialist, NVQ 4

Viola has over a decade of experience in advanced face and body rejuvenation treatments. She takes great pride in her work and always strives to give her clients the very best experience. A certified perfectionist, Viola pays great attention to the small details, rest assured your eyebrows will always look like identical twins not cousins!
We call Viola 'The Oracle of Skin Knowledge' at Harpal Clinic because she understands good skin and more importantly - how to achieve it.

Interesting facts: Viola has two loves; the great outdoors and all things vintage. A keen botanist, she also admits talking to the roses in her garden on some occasions!