How is this different from a normal pedicure

  • The biggest difference is the ability to remove years of accumulated dead, hard skin on the soles of the feet and thereafter, maintenance.
  • This is done with an 'alkaline peel' which is able to gently dissolve dead compacted skin- the kind the is sooo tempting to put a blade to!
  • Because only dead skin is removed (which can't be guaranteed with a blade), there won't be overstimulation of new skin- the commonest reason your feet become much worse despite many pedicures and start cracking.

What's in it for you

  • Smoother soles of the feet that keeps improving with time
  • An evening of the skin tone of your feet including age spots, especially if you follow our therapist's advice for home care
  • Less smelly feet over time with the soaks that we use

How we do it

  • Effective callus removal - no blade or traditional file in sight to ensure that only the dead skin cells are removed from the feet.
  •  Alpha Hydroxy Acids are used to exfoliate - this will leave you with a beautiful skin tone.
  • A gentle anti-bacterial and anti-fungal soak will get rid of any bacteria causing odour. 
  •  A non-slip heel balm will be applied - it will perfect the look of your feet, giving you a glow.
  • A rejuvenating and gorgeous smelling gold spritz will give a beautiful gold dust finish to your pedicure. 
  • Extras- we can paint your nails with Jessica Geleration gel nails for a small surcharge. 

Need to know

  • This is not a chiropodist service. We do not treat fungal infections or other foot problems that chiropodists deal with
  • Please come in for a complementary consultation if you are not sure if this is right for you


Cost of treatment

Medical Pedicure

30 minutes / £35

Medical Pedicure plus nail paint (Jessica Geleration)

50 minutes / £50