Our device of choice is radio frequency microneedling


  • This is actually less uncomfortable than other rejuvenation systems around. We like it!!
  • It is comparable in results to the Fraxel laser, currently one of the best lasers on the market
  • We prefer it to lasers as the downtime is much less ( 1-3 days) for the same efficacy
  • Results keep improving up to 6-9 months
  • Less complications like pigmentation
  • We can target really fine areas like eyelids or difficult problems like acne scarring
  • Pores get smaller too
  • Fine lines get finer, skin is plumper, deeper lines improve

How We Do It

  • We'll take care of you....Promise!
  • Pain management with oral analgesia and a very strong topical anaesthesia for 15 mins
  • Treatment is very quick, usually around 30 mins for a full face
  • You'll be a little red after, probably not red enough to scare little kids
  • We do recommend a couple of products to enhance healing- Healgel and Skinade- they do make a difference 
  • Where indicated, we will give you prescription antiviral tablets for those prone to cold sores

How Often

  • For problem skin and acne scarring, its a good idea to repeat after 3-4 months; thereafter you will be advised on frequency or you may be happy with just the one treatment
  • For normal skin, once a year is probably good enough unless you want to brave it at 9 months




Secret RF Micro-needling

Full Face (including 1 healing serum) 


Full Face plus Jawline, Neck and Décolletage (including 1 healing serum)


Other Areas eg Scarring, Abdomen, Buttocks etc (including 1 healing serum)


Total Eye Rejuvenation (including 1 healing serum)


Extra Areas (back of hands, underarms and back, scarring)

Increments of £75 per area (eg face+ abdomen+back of hands= £800 (650+75+75)

Hyperhidrosis Underarms (excess sweating) and (including 1 healing serum)


Hyperhidrosis Underarms Course of 3