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Personal Note From Dr Bains


"Fillers are funny. Its one of the components in the beauty world that has created more horror stories in the media than almost anything else. Done properly, it can be massively confidence. With fillers, I favour a natural look, unless a client specifically asks for another look. I usually discuss a patient's wants and needs and come up with a treatment plan to suit. Treatment may cover more than one area with one syringe, depending on what is required. For lips in particular, I usually draw the before and desired after, just to get it absolutely right and will discuss what is possible and what is not. Bring lots of pictures of what you want. Let me know what bothers you. It may sometimes be a combination of different treatments that is required. I will advice you as to the best way to go ahead."

Areas we can treat

  • Face- nose to mouth line, smokers lines, sad smile (marionette), hollow temples, volume loss in cheeks, chin augmentation, redefining jawline, lips

  • Body- hands and feet (thin and veiny), decolletage

  • Privates- labia majora

What we can do for you

Many people come in asking for either nose to mouth or marionette line (downturned mouth).  What we suggest is that you spend some time trying to figure out what you don't like eg you look sad or tired, lips that disappear etc. We will then advice you on your various options. For fillers to achieve a very natural, fresh-from-holiday result, Dr Bains may suggest a solution that you may not have thought of or be prepared for. She will show you plenty of before and after pictures and will use her 'magic mirror' to help you understand your different options. She is conservative and will always err on the side of going slow. She also makes sure that you check in constantly during the procedure so that you get exactly what you are looking for- no surprises! Do book in for a complimentary consultation with her. 

Need to know

We always use a very strong topical anaesthesia and lots of cold to decrease pain and bleeding. There will still be some discomfort but its usually bearable. For cannula, we use a local anaesthesia. We now do most procedures with cannulas as its much safer, usually involves only 2 injection sites and results are very natural.

What happens straight after treatment?

If you have had anaesthesia you will feel numb in those areas for a couple of hours whilst it is wearing off and there may be a chance of swelling and bruising. We would suggest you do not apply make-up over the area.

When will I see results?

Instantly, except for tear troughs, which can take up to 2 weeks. However, the area injected might appear more 'plumped' due to hyaluronic acid filler attracting water. This usually settles in a few days. You may also feel lumps/bumps which normally settles in 1-4 weeks. This is usually inflammation and internal bruising.

Product Information

We use a selection of fillers as different manufacturers do different products well. Currently we favour Teosyal and Belotero. For those who prefer collagen stimulation, we highly recommend Ellanse.


Nose to Mouth Line, Marionette Lines, Smoker's Lines, Chin & Earlobes

First Syringe - £279

Second or more Syringes- £199

Temples, Mid-face/Cheekbones & Forehead (Asian/Oriental), Jawline

First Syringe- £279

Second  or more Syringes- £199

Lips & Tear-Trough

First Syringe- £299

Second Syringe or more- £199

Hands and Feet

£350 (using Ellanse and including cannula where relevant)

Cannula Surcharge


* For multiple filler types, first filler price will be the more expensive filler/area. Eg Lips and nasolabial will be £299 + £199