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We use AquaTouch.... the latest in microdermabrasion technology that incorporates

  • diamond exfoliating

  • suction + cooling at the same time with continuous pure water infusion. It has a nice cool sensation and is less irritating than traditional microdermabrasion systems

  • electroporation to increase penetration of serums

  • suitable for face, neck, backs or anywhere else you can think of

What's in it for you

  • improves and helps clear blackheads, whiteheads, blocked pores

  • brightens the skin and gets rid of superficial pigmentation

  • softens the appearance of fine lines and superficial scars

  • skin feels squeaky clean

  • its a great non invasive, low cost option with no pain or downtime; and suitable for most skin types and colour

  • we are happy to show you what we removed from your skin (collected during the water infusion throughout the treatment).....if you dare!

How we do it

  • Double cleanse and start exfoliating

  • apply serum (relevant to your skin type and needs) and help penetration with electroporation

  • for longer treatments, we either combine this with a relaxing massage and a peptide mask or

  • we can combine this with our hydrating Intraceutical facial for the ultimate pick-me face-up!

How often

  • Similar to a facial, we recommend that you try to incorporate this into your regular skincare regime

  • As a special occasion one off or for continuous improvement, 6-10 times a year




50 Minute Micro Dermabrasion £90
70 Minute Micro Dermabrasion + Copper Peptide face Mask £125
80 Minute Micro Dermabrasion + Intraceutical Facial £160