We use a powerful pen device for best results. Hundreds of tiny pin pricks into your skin causes your skin to respond by healing with a boost in collagen and elastin.

What's in it for you

  • scar reduction especially acne scarring

  • smaller pores

  • finer lines

  • plumper, tighter skin

  • healthier looking skin

  • reduction in appearance of cellulite

Which body parts

  • face, neck and décolletage

  • body- cellulite and stretch marks anywhere in the body eg abdomen, upper thighs and buttocks

  • hands and feet for plumping and sun damage

How we do it

  • we apply a strong anaesthetic cream (we have this specially made in a pharmacy) for 15 mins

  • skin is cleansed, serum applied and pen is glided over the area to be treated

  • we usually go over your skin 2-3 times using different depths of needles (0.5mm to 2.5mm) depending on area and problem (eg acne/wrinkles)

  • a healing peptide mask is applied straight after to calm the skin down and to penetrate the micro- channels that have been created by the tiny needles

Need to know

  • Discomfort- remarkably tolerable with the topical anaesthesia. Do ask for oral pain killers if you think you may need it. We are a clinic so will have it in stock

  • Straight after- you will probably be red especially if you have a fair complexion. We recommend Oxygenetics foundation to apply straight after if you prefer not to scare little kids. We have this for our clients to apply for their tube ride home.

  • Assume a minimum 2 day downtime with this procedure. Book for a Thursday/Friday so that you can go back to work on Monday

  • Results will be visible within a week and will keep improving over months as your collagen increases

How often

  • We recommend a course of 2-3, taken at least 6-8 weeks apart. This cycle can be repeated once a year

  • This is a popular 'pre Bank holiday' treatment as it gives your skin time to heal

  • This is also popular in the winter to counter the blues and pre-Christmas




Microneedling 1.5 hours | Single Treatment | £225

Course of 3 | £550

Each additional area- please add £50. For a more bespoke option, please come in for a complementary consultation and quotes