Skin tightening in the city of london

Testimonial from our RF client Elaine:

If I’m being totally honest, it was the one treatment that I wasn’t expecting much from (you know me, open minded but a no pain no gain sort of girl) but the improvement in my skin is just remarkable. On the day of treatment, my skin just felt very clean but the next day it looked slightly airbrushed because for the first time in over 20 years, my pores were both tighter and hydrated and my skin was glowing, but the biggest shock is that a week later, it still looks and feels good. The ‘crepey’ look around my eyes has improved and so has that dreaded vertical wrinkle under my left eye. It has not gone completely, but it is definitely less pronounced and if the benefits are meant to show in two week’s time - I can’t wait to see if things get even better.  3 months later: My skin is definitely still more radiant than it was before the treatment.





A favourite at the clinic. No pain, no downtime, maximum results treatment.  This is for anyone wanting instant yet long lasting improvements in skin texture. Expect tighter, firmer, plumper skin with a beautiful glow.

Here's the low down on RF:

Who can benefit from it?

Anyone who has started noticed a loss of elasticity in their skin, for example, saggy in the face and jawline, sudden weight loss, wrinkly knees, elbow or butt.

What is the procedure?

This is a non-invasive procedure. The area is cleansed, then you have a gel applied, and the procedure starts where a probe is glided over your skin, and then we apply healing serum. 

How long will the procedure last?

Around 45 minutes for one area.

Is it painful?

No, it feels warm and relaxing on the skin.

What happens after treatment?

There is no down time and most people find that their skin is less red and clearer after treatment. A small percentage of people may find that there skin is redder after treatment. This settles fairly quickly and you are able to go on with your day as normal and apply straightaway.

When will I see results?

You can expect to see a difference straightaway and results will keep improving as collagen rebuilds, with maximum results around 3-4 months.

Do I need to repeat this treatment?

For very lax skin we recommend repeat treatment 3 months after your first treatment with a yearly maintenance. For others, you may prefer to repeat yearly only.

What are the long-term benefits and results?

There collagen regeneration has a accumulative effect and over the long term your skin will be plumper, brighter, more even toned with smaller pore size and less fine lines. It will also appear lifted and tighter.

Additional information

The machine we use is the Secret RF.


One Area (full face plus jawline, mummy tummy or saggy knees)


Two Areas (full face plus jawline, neck, decolletage or other combinations such as tummy and knees, face and upper arm) 


Three Areas (any areas of your choice)


Any additional areas are charged at £100