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We are able to remove most skin tags and milia using a combination of Thermavein and occasionally a scalpel (where it is large and only by the doctor)

Areas and lesions we treat

  • face, neck and most body parts

  • at present we choose not to do anal skin tags and moles

  • skin tags range from tiny 1 mm to a few cm. They are normally in skin creases although they can be found anywhere.

  • milia look like white heads that just won't budge

How we do it

  • Most simple skin tags and milia are simply zapped off using Thermavein which employs radiofrequency energy

  • For larger lesions. we usually will require local anaesthesia

  • You may occasionally need antiviral or antibiotic cover which the doctor can arrange for you

  • Simple tags, veins and milia are performed by the therapist while larger sizes are done by the doctor

Need to know

  • It can be uncomfortable but is tolerable and quick. For large tags, we apply local anaesthetic injections

  • After, you can continue with your day and apply make-up as you wish

  • Results can be immediate or take 2-3 days for the tag to be detached, unless it is removed at the time.

  • We offer a complimentary removal if the tag or milia persists within 6 weeks. However, occasionally if we are not sure what your lesion is, we may not be able to promise you complete removal. We always advise you of this prior to the procedure so that you can make an informed decision as to whether you wish to proceed

Cost of treatment

  • Small skin tags are 1-2mm in diameter, and larger skin tags are 3-10mm. Anything larger than that will need to given a quote.

  • Only the doctor will be able to do large skin tags whilst the therapist is qualified to do most other tags and milia.

  • Milia- we price this based on a minimum charge (for consumables) and its usually best to come in for a quote. Below is an idea of prices.

  • We generally recommend that you book in with the doctor for milia/tags in riskier areas like the eyelid or very close to the eye.


1 to 5 -  £80

6 to 10 - £150

Doctor Surcharge - £50 (if complex such as on the eyelid)

Skin Tags

1 to 3 tiny skin tags (1 - 2 mm) - £80

3 to 6 tiny skin tags - £170

6 to 10 tiny skin tags - £220

Doctor surcharge for large tags (include anaesthesia and prescription where required) £100

*Cost subject to consultation for larger numbers.

SPIDER VEIN REMOVAL in the city of london

We can remove your spider or thread veins. Thread veins are the extremely common small broken superficial blood vessels which appear very close to the surface of the skin and gives you the appearance of red ruddy skin, most commonly seen around the nose and cheek area.

We chose ThermaVein due to its technology and instant results and no risk of hyper-pigmentation in the sun. 



Who can benefit from it?

People with unsightly thread veins, spider veins, broken capillaries, rosacea and drinker's nose.

What is the procedure?

Heat energy (via radiofrequency) is delivered via a fine, blunt needle to coagulate the vessels.

How long will the procedure last?

30 minutes including your consultation time.

Is it painful?

It can be uncomfortable, especially around the nose, but is tolerable.

What happens straight after treatment?

You can continue with your day and apply your make-up as you wish.

When will I see results?

Instantly. There will be a crusting over the first few days whilst the vessel is healing.

Do I need to repeat this treatment?

Occasionally you need to have a follow up treatment depending on the size of the initial blood vessel.

What are the long-term benefits and results?

You will see a reduction in redness and an increase in confidence.

What if it comes back?

If it returns within a one month period please come back for a complimentary treatment. It is quite common for thread veins to return after a period of time as the underlying issue or feeder blood vessel usually still exists.

Additional information

We use Thermavein.  Sun protection recommended after treatment although this is very gentle compared to other systems on the market


Spider Veins & Blood Spots (covers up to 20mins of treatment time, sufficient usually for nose and cheeks in one sitting)

£200 (skin therapist)

 £30 for every additional 10mins of treatment time for larger areas. Please ask us for a free assessment and quote.